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  • What happens if COVID-19 restrictions cause us to postpone our wedding?
    No problem. If can make your new date, I'll simply transfer your deposit. If I can't - you'll get a 100% refund - no quibbles!
  • How would you describe your style?
    I would probably be described as a documentray photographer, but tend not to pigeonhole myself to a particular style. I would describe my approach as friendly and relaxed and my images as natural, timeless and vibrant. My sole purpose is to tell the story of your wedding day in a fauithful, unobtrusive and relaxed way - capturing beatiful images that will give you the fondest of memories to share with your loved ones, many years from now. On top of that I aim to give you an incredible service and help to make it the best day of your lives.
  • I love your work – how do we book?  Or should we meet first?
    If you've decided you would like to book me to photograph your wedding, please get in touch so we can go over a few basic details. Then I'll send you a booking form and short contract , which can be signed on-line. To confim the date I request a 20% booking fee which you can pay by bank transfer or card. As you will spend a lot of time with your photogtapher on the wedding day, it's really important that you make sure you will get on with them! For this reason I suggest we have a call (via Skype or Facetime, preferably) - or even arrange to meet up.
  • What happens after booking?
    Soon after we have agreed the booking I will send you a short form to complete which will include the schedule for the day (which may only be provisional at that stage) and the names of the bridal party members. About 4-6 weeks from the wedding I'll get in touch again to go over the day in more detail, discuss any preferences or ideas you may have and agree a shot list - for the family and friends groups - and any special items or people you'd like me to capture. At any time, from the moment you book me, I'm always available to discuss any aspect of your wedding plans - or even make recommendations for other suppliers. I'll always make sure I get back to you within 24 hours, if not the same day.
  • My fiancée hates having his/her photo taken! And we don’t want lots of posed shots. Is that a problem?!
    Over the years I've worked with a lot of brides and grooms who would rather not be in front of the camera. I'm just the same! I want to make sure that you feel as relaxed as possible so you can really enjoy the day. For most of the day I’ll work really naturally and unobtrusively and you’ll be too busy having the time of your lives to notice me too much. I think it’s much more valuable to capture the actual story of the day and the real moments, rather than directing things too much. I’m good at reading people and making them relax – it won’t work if you’re not enjoying yourselves so that’s a key part of my job! I do like to have 20 mins away from your guests to take some couple portraits (more if you’re enjoying it, of course), but I do these in a really painless, fun and natural way. I'll happily give you some direction to start with (if you'd like that), but I'm more likely to get you to do your own thing and take shots with a long lens from a distance.
  • Do we need to feed you on the wedding day?
    Wedding days can be very long and quite tiring - especially carrying two heavy cameras around all the time! This is why I ask that you provide me with a hot meal at the same time you are sitting doiwn to your wedding breakfast. Thank you!
  • Do you do engagement/pre-wedding shoots?
    Yes! I would be delighted to arrange a shoot for you, at one or more locations of your chosing. Just get in touch so we can have a chat.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Of course! As well as my gear being covered I’ve got public liability (to £5 million) and professional indemnity insurance. Ocassionally venues request a copy of my public liability which I'm very happy to provide.
  • Do you work alone?
    I work quickly and like to be as unobtrusive as possible, so generally work alone, but where necessary I can bring a second shooter. Happy to chat about this and give you a quote if you’d like this.
  • I know your style is quite natural, but will you take formal/group photos?"
    Yes - of course. It's entirely up to you which and how many of these I take. To keep the list managable I suggest limiting it to about 10 group shots, depending how much time we have to play with. If you would like some ideas I can let you have a list of typical group shots. Remember, they don't all have to be serious!
  • What equipment do you use?  Do you have back-ups?
    I use a wide range of professional cameras, lenses, lighting and computer equipment. My cameras also shoot to two cards simultaneously which creates an instant back-up of all your precious images. In the unlikely event that a camera or flash gun breaks, I always have plenty of back-ups to hand. Once the wedding day is over, your images will be backed up securely in several places.
  • How long does it take for us to see our photos?
    Enter your answer here
  • How much editing do you do? Can you retouch any bits I don't like?
    All the images I put in the gallery are colour corrected and properly exposed. I always try to make sure my subjects are photographed sympathetically and I won't automatically airbrush out every crease and wringle. However, if there is anything specific you would like me to 'fix', just let me know.
  • How will we receive our photos?
    Typically, about a month after your wedding I'll send you a link to your private on-line wedding gallery. This will usually be split into the various parts of the day (e.g. getting ready, ceremony, portraits etc) and allow you to download your images straight away. You can also create favourite lists, order prints and share a link with your family and friends. It really is very easy to use! Shortly afterwards I'll send you a smartphone app so you can show off your images at work or with friends. Depending how busy I am (and the Summer months can be hectic), I may be able to send you a few taster images a day or so after your wedding day. It's always worth asking me!
  • Can we buy prints through you?
    Yes. My studio gallery is linked to Loxley Colour, widely regarded as the best photo lab in the UK. I provide on-line price lists to all sorts of prints, canvases and other items. Please do have a look as there's nothing like seeing your glorious wedding photographs on top quaility photographic paper!
  • Do you need to do a site visit before photographing our wedding?
    Where possible I will combine our pre-wedding consulation with a visit to your venue(s). This way we can search out the best loctions for your photographs and get familiar woth the surroundings. In many instances I will have shot one or more weddings at your venue and will be able to show you all the best places...
  • How do we create a wedding album?
    All you have to do is create a favourites list in the gallery (with the images you would like included) and leave the rest to me. 100 or so images is a good guide to make a really nice album. There are many different types of album / photo books avaiable and (very) different price points. I'm always on-hand to advise you on the best choice. Just get in touch.
  • Do you just photograph weddings and families?
    Most of my commercial photogtraphy involves weddings, engagements or family portraits. That said, I'm a very experienced photographer and able to capture a wide range of subjects - including babies, pets or interiors. Drop me a line if you'd like some photos taken and we can discuss.
  • OK, so you say you’re great…does anyone else agree?"
    Why don't you have a look through my testimonials in the Information section? Thankfully, many of my brides and grooms have been good enough to write some kind words about their experience. I think these speak for themselves.
  • Will the photos be in colour or black and white?
    I always shoot in colour and will typically provide a number of additional monochrome images if I think they will look good. If you want any others turned into black and white just let me know the file number and I’ll happily convert them for you.
  • Do you shoot film as well as digital?
    Nearly all my images are taken digitally, but I occassionally supplement these with film - when requested or if I think they would look good.
  • What happens if you’re ill on our wedding day?
    Well, I've not missed a wedding yet - but it's important to have a contingency plan, just in case. I’m a member of several networks of photographers across Surrey, Sussex and Kent who cover each other in case of emergency so I’m confident someone would be able to cover.
  • How much should I expect to pay for a wedding photographer?
    According to recent surveys (by Hitched & Your Perfect Wedding Photographer) the average cost for a full-day package in the South East is approximately £1,550 - excluding prints and an album. This represents almost 5% of the total wedding cost in 2019 of just over £32,000. Prices tend to start at around £450 for a photographer just starting out and rise to over £3,500 at the luxury end. So how do I manage to keep my prices so low? Very simple - I don't rely on wedding photography as my only source of income. I just love what I do and want to make it as accessible as possible. Just compare my work with that of photographers charging £1,500 and I think you'll agree that I more than hold my own!
  • Is there anything else we need to know?
    I've tried to provide a wide selection of information here but there may well be specific questions that you'd like me to answer. From the moment you book me, I'm available to providre you with input, ideas and furrther information. Just give me a call (07802 463817) or send me an email at
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