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2022 is the biggest year for history!

I thought I'd follow my last post on wedding photography costs with a summary of Bridebook's 2022 Wedding Survey

According to Bridebook, this year is breaking records - not only for Summer temperatures, but also for the number of UK weddings.

The Big Wedding Rebound - several factors indicate growth
  • Spending back to pre-pandemic levels: spending rose steadily throughout 2021. Couples spent 52% more on their weddings in 2021 and invested nearly twice as much in their venues

  • Wedding guests nearing 2019 counts: the average number of guests jumped to 75 in 2021 compared with 17 in 2020 - even with the lockdown and restrictions in the first half of the year

  • Wedding confidence is rising: couples are booking more suppliers, music has jumped, honeymoons abroad are back-on and couples are less stressed about COVID (at last...!)

Key Trends for 2022 Wedding Planning
  1. Waiting for the Big Day - couples are waiting for venue availability, marrying later than planned, with longer engagements

  2. Budget awareness - budgeting is at the forefront of couples' minds, as costs drive decision-making and stress; particularly in light of the unprecedented inflation levels this year!

  3. Digital planning rises - planning centers on couples' mobile phones with on-line tools driving venue research and discovery

Average Supplier Costs by Region

Here's a table taken from the report which breaks down the key costs by UK region.

If you'd like to look at the report in more detail, you can find it here.

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