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Different Styles of Wedding Photography

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Getting a professional photographer to shoot your wedding is one of the must-have requirements for the big day. You might already know just what kind of photography you desire for capturing your wedding, or you might be unsure and confused about the different options.

Whether you’re having to rethink your plans due to the coronavirus pandemic, like this couple in San Francisco, or planning way ahead for 2021, we’re here to help decipher what’s what when it comes to your wedding photos.

Contemporary Photography

Taking its inspiration from fashion photography, contemporary, fashion, or creative photography does include having some posed shots, but they are more relaxed, as the photographer looks for exciting lighting and angles.

These can be stunning, but the shots may not always portray the mood of the day, but more the vision and artistic merits of the photographer, which might not be what you are seeking.

Traditional Photography

Traditionally styled wedding photography is more known for being more posed and formal, quite conventional and classic. It was the most popular style of wedding photography until digital cameras overtook analogue, and the cost of film no longer factored into the budget.

This style is more about posed shots of the couple and the groups, and involves a lot of direction from the photographer, and takes up quite some time from the wedding party. You’ll have beautiful photos, but it may not capture the day as a whole.

Reportage Photography

Reportage, also known as documentary or photojournalistic, is not a new approach, but in the realm of wedding photography, it has been quite in vogue over the past few years. The photography documents your day, in as unobtrusive a manner as possible, creating a narrative, and the story of your day.

You’ll receive stunning photos and genuine emotion from the day, and usually, the photographer will be happy to provide some formal shots too but do check this with your photographer beforehand.

Whichever type you choose will give you beautiful photographs to keep forever, so have a look at some inspiration and get booking!

Contact us today if you need a documentary wedding photographer in Kent.

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