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Do You Need To Prepare A Shot List For Your Wedding Photographer?

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

When you’re organising your wedding there are a lot of tasks that will be mounting up on your to-do list. Once you’ve found your wedding photographer in Sussex you will, of course, need to talk to them about the kind of photography you’d like on your big day.

However, hopefully, you’ll have carefully chosen a photographer who shoots in the style that you’re looking for. If you’re worried about having to give them a shot list to follow on the big day, you might want to think again.

An article for PetaPixel recently explained why a detailed shot list isn’t essential for a wedding day any longer. For a start, it will heap unnecessary pressure on both you and your photographer.

The publication notes that if you have a very specific set of shots then both you and your photographer will probably be so focused on capturing these that you’ll end up “missing the genuine moments that make your wedding unique”.

It also explained that wedding shot lists originated before digital photography and at a time when documentary wedding photography hadn’t developed, which meant the process was more formal and it was important to have a set shot list.

Nowadays, however, it’s much better to speak to your photographer to tell them what’s important to you and to let them use their expertise to work out how best to capture your special day. The article notes that it’s handy to provide a brief list of anyone who needs to be included in specific group photos, but beyond that you can let your photographer take the lead.

As we recently pointed out, it’s important to do plenty of research when you’re looking for a wedding photographer, but if you spend time on that stage, you shouldn’t need to worry about producing detailed shot lists as you’ll be able to trust your photographer to do an excellent job on the day.

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