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Inspiring Wedding Trends for 2020

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Wedding season is just around the corner, and wedding fairs up and down the country are exhibiting al their best wares and the latest trends, so we thought we’d look at some of the inspiring weddings must-haves for 2020.


Colour is one of the more exciting trends, with a lot of subtle neutral hues, which are always timeless, but dynamic, vibrant colours incorporated through the day add personality. Colourful rooms, whimsical floral arrangements, and fun linens can take advantage of this trend.

Personalisation and guestlists.

More weddings are gravitating towards small, exclusive guest lists, with only the couple’s closest, nearest and dearest. This is leading towards more personal touches that can boost the memorability factor of a wedding. Adding features and personalisation to invites, like nods to the joint history of the couple have become very popular.

Non-traditional menus

Late-night style snacks are still very popular, such as ‘chippy’ style fish and chips, or bacon sandwiches. Couples are wanting their guests to be happy and well-fed for the duration of the evening, and it brings an opportunity to be creative with decadent bites, or twists of childhood favourites.

Craft beers and custom cocktails

As weddings become more bespoke, couples are planning cocktail and drink options that reflect their style, tastes, and heritage. Maybe a love for craft ales, or a favourite cocktail from a special holiday.


As with most aspects of our lives now, more people are thinking about the environment and finding sustainable solutions to their big day. They are more picky in finding suppliers who have taken steps to be eco-friendly and reducing their waste, such as florists who don’t use floral bricks and caterers who source their food locally. No matter how small, all these acts towards eco-responsibility send a message about the couple to their guests.

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