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'Unlimited' Guests Allowed at Weddings from 21st June, Boris Johnson Announces

The Prime Minister confirmed the 30 person guest limit has been removed, however, the number of guests allowed to attend will now be dependent on social distancing allowance at each individual venue.

Weddings in England will return from 21st June with more than 30 guests allowed at a socially-distanced capacity, the Prime Minister announced on Monday.

The news comes as Boris Johnson confirmed a four-week delay to the final stage of lockdown restriction easing in England.

Speaking at a press conference from Downing Street, Johnson said: "Weddings can go ahead with more than 30 people. We are lifting that restriction on 30 people from the 21st providing social distancing is observed."

This does not mean that every venue will be able to host an unlimited number of guests. Similar to policies in Wales and Northern Ireland, it means the number of guests will be limited by how successfully social distancing rules can be adhered to at the venue.

The social distancing rules currently stand at "1 metre +", meaning the larger the venue, the more guests can attend.

Each couple will need to speak to their venue to find out final numbers that are allowed, but the change in rules means the vast majority of couples marrying after the 21st June will no longer be limited to 30 people.

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