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Why You Should Say ‘I Do’ To Wedding Insurance

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

A year ago, you might have asked yourself if you really need wedding insurance, after all, most weddings go smoothly and without any problems. But if there’s one thing that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us is that you never know when or how things out of our control can change everything.

If you’re currently at the planning stages, then you might be wondering what wedding insurance is, and why you should take it out.

Wedding liability insurance gives you peace of mind. It helps relieve the financial and emotional burden that an unpredictable disaster can have on what should be the most important day of your life.

You can take precautions to ensure that everything goes according to plan, but even the best-planned wedding can bring unfortunate consequences that may cause sudden damage or suffering.

The average price of modern traditional weddings can cost on average £16,000 - there's so much to lose if something goes wrong. For peace of mind, wedding day insurance will protect your financial future if something beyond your control should go wrong.

Wedding event insurance can cover against extreme situations that might cause postponement; like a serious car accident, sudden illness, severe weather situations, a power outage at your reception, damaged or stolen wedding gifts, injured guests, no-show vendors, cancellations, lost photographs, loss of wedding bands, damage to the wedding gown, or even a global pandemic.

Any of these mishaps can bring true financial disaster and really put a damper on your special day. It's also quite frightening how quickly the extra costs add up. The best advice is to insure your wedding day for all the unforeseen problems.

Don't necessarily go for the cheapest wedding event insurance policy, you'll want an insurance company with a good reputation that pays up quickly.

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